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We stand out from all the rest

There are many things that make May's Garden Center different from its competitors. One very important difference is the fact that you can come to Mark May for advice on any of the services that we offer!

Mark May has been in the landscaping and horticulture business for over 55 years. He is an instructor at the Madison Area Technical College in Watertown. Mark is known as the Plant Doctor on WTKM 104.9 FM. Mark is well known in his community as an authority on plants and nature. He will gladly answer any questions that you have.

If you have already come in contact with our company then you know that we work hard to please our customers. Our business is a success because of the support of our long-time customers. Call us today so that you too can benefit from any of our services or products.

Mark May is a certified pesticide applicator. The pesticides we use are environmentally friendly and safe for your family. We can treat your lawn and garden to help protect against damage from insects and pests, such as woodchucks and moles.

Meet the Plant Doctor

Certified Pesticide Applicator

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